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“I don’t know what I am, but it claws and clutches at me as if I am worth reaching.”

—   Richard Krause, from Epigrams

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Of Monsters and Men - Kids (MGMT cover)

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You’re falling in love, while I’m only trying to fall asleep

Baby, baby, baby,
I wish you the very best
and I hope you’re right
about finding true love.
You’re living the dream
while I’m counting all
the sleepless nights.
I don’t believe that
anything lasts forever,
my dear. But you do,
and it seems people
always earn what they
deserve. So I’ll close
my eyes again, I’ll try
to enjoy the fall.

- Mellifluous & Gargalesthesian, You’re falling in love, while I’m only trying to fall asleep

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“My eyes are only powder blue when they are lit by your laugh.”

—   Learning how to love you - j.b.

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You lose your heart like people
lose keys, small change and the
slip of paper on which they wrote
down the password of their email.
They can leave it like that, right?
Just call the locksmith, pay exact
amount and make a new account.
And a heart? Yours is easy to find
because I can smell its leaking from
far away. Ferruginous with a little
scent of green tea. Pour me a cup,
please, and I’ll bring it back to you.

- Mellifluous & Gargalesthesian, Absent-hearted