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Jean Leon Gerome
'Venus Rising' (The Star)


Jean Leon Gerome

'Venus Rising' (The Star)


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Milan Coley

Milan had the most pretty eyes:
pale blue with a little bit of green.
He made me float in summer air,
the heating sunlight on my skin.
Being with him felt like foreign adventures,
all the world’s places collected in his blink.
But seas never leave their shore,
so the water turned grey when
he started to cry, when I started
to scream, when it started to rain.
Milan Coley,
he was the first to drown in his own eyes, 
and he almost took me with him. Yes, he
almost took me with him, but I knew how
to fight the waves and I do still remember.

- Mellifluous & Gargalesthesian, Milan Coley

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“Tonight I’d like to dream about soft kisses and sheets that smell like your favourite perfume!”

I. II.

I like to talk about love as if
I once sensed its touch, as if
I remember the tickling.


I like to talk about you as if
I once kissed your lips, as if
I know the taste by heart.

- Mellifluous & Gargalesthesian, I. II.